(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Medicinal substances
1. drugs; therapeutic drugs (see remedy); drug or substance abuse; drug addiction, [chemical] dependency, physical or psychological dependence, habit, reverse tolerance; glue sniffing; drug testing; methadone maintenance; drug smuggling. Informal, stash. Slang, the street; chipping, ice-cream habit, nose habit, jones, tang, monkey on one's back, drugstore johnson; Colombian roulette.
a. controlled substance, addictive drug, hard or soft drug, body drug, gateway drug; designer drug, recreational drug; cephalotropic drug, psychoactive or psychotropic drug; synthetics; stimulant, caffeine, diet pill; [antidepressant, hallucinogen, psychedelic, tranquilizer, opiate, sedative, ataraxic [drug], aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, atropine, mandrake, nicotine. Slang, dope, stuff, junk, bam, chemicals, bang, basketball, biscuit, Nixon, happy dust.
b. [meth]amphetamine, pep or diet pill, desoxyn, Benzedrine, Biphetamine, Dexamyl, Dexedrine, Methedrine. Slang, activity booster, bean, benny, blackbird, black beauty, blockbuster, browns, cartwheel, chicken powder, crank, [crystal] meth, football, forward, [purple] heart, dexie, doll, ice, jelly bean, leaper, shards, sparkle, speed, splash.
c. barbiturate, sleeping pill, amyl nitrate, Amytal, Luminal, Nembutal, Tuinal, Seconal. Slang, barbie, blockbuster, downer, fender-bender, geronimo, goofball, gorilla pill, pinks, rainbow, red devil, yellow [jacket].
d. cocaine, coca, Slang, bernice, big bloke, blow[zeen], bouncing powder, bullet, candy, Cecil, charlie, coke, crack, flake, Gibraltar, girlfriend], gold dust, happy dust, her, hubba, lady snow, nose candy, paradise, perico, Peruvian perfume, pimp, [moon]rock, [lady] snow, toot, white girl or lady.
e. hallucinogenic [drug], psychedelic, utopiate, lysergic acid, LSD, DMT, soma. Slang, acid, blotter, blue acid, blue cheer, blue flag, California sunshine, clear light, conductor, contact lens, cube, datura, domes, jet, locoweed, ecstasy, electric KoolAid, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, magic mushroom, majoon, orange wedge, Owsley, pearly gate, pink wedge, purple haze, strawberry fields, STP, white lightning, windowpane.
f. heroin. Slang, antifreeze, Aunt Hazel, [black] tar, boy, brown, Chinese white or red, chiva, downtown, flea powder, freebase, gow, H, henry, him, horse, hotshot, jolt, junk, Karachi, liquid sky, mortal combat, mud, nag, noise, number eight, peg, poison, pure, scag, smack, snowball, stuff, taste, tecata, red chicken.
g. marijuana, hashish, bud, hemp, cannabis, indica, sinsimilla, Jamaican ganja, Slang, hash, Afgani, African black, airplane, Alice B. Toklas, black gunny, black oil, Colombian gold, dagga, dank, ditch weed, doobie, dopestick, gage, gangster, ganja, grass, griffa, hay, herb, hooch, kif, killer weed, kind green, M, marahoochie, Mary Jane, Maui wowie, jay, joint, juju, killer weed, mezz, michoacân, mota, muggle, number, [hash] oil, owl, Panama red, resin, pinner, pot, rainy day woman, reefer, righteous bush, roach, rope, schwag, shake, shit, sins, smash, smoke, snop, son of one, spliff, stick, tea, Thai stick, the kind, twist, [viper's] weed, yerba; banji, bar, bhang, bomber, boo, bush, Cambodian red.
h. opium, Demerol, morphine, peace pill. Slang, Aunt Emma, black[stuff], Chinese molasses, gow, hop, midnight oil, poppy, sister, unkie, white nurse, toye.
i. PCP, phencyclidine. Slang, angel dust, animal trank, cyclone, crystal [joint], dummy juice, elephant, hog, lovely, love boat, parsley, pig killer, purple rain, rocket fuel, scaffle, soma, supergrass, superweed, water.
j. peyote, mescal[ine]. Slang, beans, big chief, button, cactus, mesc, topi.
k. sedative, sedative-hypnotic, depressant, codeine, barbital, Quaalude, meperidine, meprobamate, Miltown. Informal, downer. Slang, Christmas tree, 'lude, quack, soaper.
l. sodium amytal. Slang, blue angel or heaven, bluebird.
m. stimulant, pep pill, ibogaine, MDA, Informal, upper. Slang, jelly bean.
n. tranquilizer, Librium, Valium, diazepam, neuroleptic. Slang, mother's helper.
o. (mixture) Slang, Thai stick, juice and beans, hot and cold, San Francisco bomb, sheet rock, moon rock, wuwoo, one-on-one, roller coaster, silk and satin, speedball.
3. bag, bindle, brick, cargo, microdot, tab, amp. Informal, cap, Slang, bale, bird's eye, blank, bundle, can, deck, dime or nickel bag, dot, fireplug, K, key, kilo, lid, line, mike, paper, spoon, taste, quill.
4. dose, injection; acid trip, bad trip, panic, jag; [crack, water, or marijuana] pipe, narghile, chillum, crutch; dropper, [hypodermic] syringe, outfit, rig, paraphernalia; stash. Informal, hypo, needle; scrip. Slang, fix; run; toke, toot; wings, tracks; bummer; beaming [up], booting; high, joyride, white light, contact high, buzz, charge, rush, bump, flash; cotton mouth; bong, stem, devil's dick; kit, works, nail, spike, roach clip or holder, jefferson airplane.
5. crack house, opium den; balloon or bang room. Slang, needle park, shooting gallery, copping zone, pot party; tea pad; sleigh ride; kitchen; behind the scales, head shop.
6. withdrawal, detoxification. Informal, cold turkey, detox. Slang, bogue, belly habit.
7. drug addict, user; trafficker; flower child; guide, conductor. Slang, joy-popper, social junker; poison people, acid freak or head, A-head, cubehead, dope fiend, dopenik, dopehead, doper, hype, hophead, chip, zombie, globetrotter, viper, explorer's club, freak, junkie, junker, pillhead, poison people, pothead, tea head, shmecker; pusher, source, [dope] peddler, missionary, powder monkey, bagman, bingle, candy man, travel agent, connection, dealer, ice-cream man, hustler, the man, mother; artillery man; chef; takeoff artist; croaker; body packer.
1. take or do drugs, cold turkey, have the monkey on one's back; overdose; potentiate; sell or deal drugs; buy drugs. Informal, hassle. Slang, kick the gong around, bang a gong, blow, carry, connect, cook, cap, cop, score, chase the dragon, cut, deal, do dope, drop, fix, flip or freak out, freebase, geeze, get high, goof, nod out, hit, hustle, joypop, OD, jazz or rock out, pop, channel, mainline, shoot [up], jab, take in the sky, skin-pop, snort, fire a line, tie off, toke, turn on, trip, coast, wig out, blow a stick, gage, etc.
2. withdraw. Slang, kick the habit.
Adjectives — addicted; high, dusted; carrying, holding. Informal, hooked, on the needle, using, wasted, baked, strung out, stoned, on the nod or pipe, zoinked, wired, loaded, spaced or zoned out, caught in a snowstorm, pinned; sick.
Quotations — Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine or idealism (Carl Jung), I'll die young, but it's like kissing God (Lenny Bruce), Drugs don't cause today's alarming crime rates, but drug prohibition does (David Boaz), Angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of the night (Allen Ginsberg), Turn on, tune in and drop out (Timothy Leary), Thou hast the keys of Paradise, oh just, subtle, and mighty opium! (Thomas de Quincy), A habit is hell for those you love (Billie Holiday).

English dictionary for students. 2013.

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